We all know how important responsive web design is for businesses and their websites. Not only does it improve the user experience and accessibility for viewers on your site, but Google’s PageRank algorithm (that configures its famous search engine) will naturally rank you higher on Google as a result of having a successfully designed responsive website.

Some business owners may find it hard to learn how responsive their website is exactly, so we’ve put together three ways to help check just how responsive your website is.


1) Use your desktop browser

Probably the easiest and quickest way to test if your website is responsive is to load your website using a desktop browser such as Safari or Chrome.

Then taking your mouse to the bottom right hand corner of your desired browser window and drag it from the bottom right to the left, mimicking the size of a mobile device.

Your site should then adapt accordingly, if not, then it has most probably been built not taking into consideration the adaptation of your website onto mobile devices.


2) Mobile friendly test

Another pretty efficient way to measure the responsiveness of your website is as easy as clicking on the link below provided by Google:


Then simply entering your websites URL into the ‘Enter web page URL’ bar and click analyse.

This is a great way to test exactly how mobile-friendly the design of your website is. A fantastic free tool Google have put together, providing you with an accurate report and feedback in seconds.


3) Test your relevant devices

If all else fails however, you can test if your website is responsive the good old fashioned way – simply load your website on every mainstream mobile device!
Although the most time consuming, it can often be the most reliable. As this gives you a first hand glimpse into how different users will exactly view your website, taken into consideration navigation, speed and more.

Be sure to let us know if you still need further help defining just how responsive your website.

Here at Republik, responsive web design is at the core of our process of building award winning websites, ensuring that all projects we work on are constructed specifically to appear responsive on a variety of devices.

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