The digital sphere and routes to business are ever-changing in our world, and it’s not easy keeping up. Demand for talented individuals is higher than ever and competition continues to increase – as follows are a few digital trends and ideas which should be utilised by recruitment firms to attract and engage with talented candidates.

1). Recruitment company apps

Put yourself in the position of a candidate – many (particularly those with in-demand skills) would say that they hear from recruiters and head-hunters too frequently. As a recruitment agency, a branded app places the control in the hands of the candidate, and a happy candidate is the dream.

When signing up to your app they can choose their requirements to a granular degree (location, salary, years experience, skills, company size, sector etc.) and set push notifications to alert them when a suitable role comes along, with the ability, at the click of a button or the swipe of a finger, to express interest or add the role to their watch-list. This way it saves you searching and drives interested and suitable candidates to you, hassle free.

There are many other clever features which can be included, like tailored sample interview questions which candidates can quiz themselves on during their daily commute or even on the way to an interview. This isn’t a “trend” as such, but is an idea I can see growing this year and next.

2). Video used for attracting talent

This form of engagement is yet to be widely adopted by recruiters but given how video is being utilised in other industries it is something recruiters should be tapping into. No content is more compelling than that from the horse’s mouth. If recruiters were able to provide a short video interview of someone who is in the current role that candidates are considering and the message is a positive one, candidates will take more interest than looking at a written job spec or being convinced over the phone of the merits by someone who has a slightly biased agenda (the recruiter themselves).

Another way video can be used in the recruitment world is to hold interviews. This way they can be recorded and referred back to and can allow the candidate to answer questions in the comfort of their own home without the need to travel, in some cases, great distances. For other ways you can use video in the recruitment process visit

3). Investment in digital marketing to boost online presence 

In a competitive market such as recruitment it’s important to stand out and differentiate your brand from the competition. Candidates and clients alike will research which recruiters to employ and almost 100% of this research will be conducted on line. It’s therefore important to have a presence across multiple channels, including of course you’re website, social media, blogs and online industry publications.

Regular, engaging and compelling content posted out across the web can get you noticed not just by existing candidates and clients carrying out research but also by people seeking a recruiter. Investing in on-site SEO is no longer enough – it’s all about inbound and content marketing which organically boosts your brand awareness, reputation and presence online.

4). Obvious, but, the ever-increasing importance of LinkedIn

All recruitment agencies have particular online job boards and social media channels they utilise for reaching candidates but the dominant platform by a considerable measure remains LinkedIn.

LinkedIn profiles provide a quick and efficient tool for comparing candidate talent to a client job specification – this both reduces time spent searching and increases the opportunity to provide quality and suitable candidates when compared to discovering talent through traditional job boards.

The one element of LinkedIn which recruiters can’t control is how up-to-date candidates keep their profile. There might well be undiscoverable talent simply because profiles are out-dated, but then you could argue that if an individual isn’t updating their profile they’re probably not on the lookout for a new role.