The primary aim of technology is and should always be to make life simpler for its users. Social media makes it easier to keep in touch with friends and connect with new ones, news apps keep us up to date with current affairs and there is a plethora of apps out there for virtually every need and interest we may have, no matter how niche. However, in the business world these are our favourite apps we think you need on your radar.

1) Cam Card


First on the list is one of the more simple and self-explanatory apps but remains one of our favourite. CamCard makes handling and differentiating between business cards and personal contacts a lot easier and makes the info a lot more accessible. The user takes a photo of a business card, the app extracts the text and autofill’s the relevant content before saving as a new contact. If the new contact also has a CamCard profile then the app will update your phone with any more recent or detailed info as it becomes available.

2) Onavo Protect

Not only does Onavo Protect keep you safe from unsecure mobile sites when entering personal information, passwords or banking details, it does so for free. Once downloaded from the App store, Onavo Protect will download to your iPhone software which redirects all of your mobile traffic to be filtered through the company’s secure servers. The app will then bring to light any privacy or safety concerns, block potentially harmful sites and help protect your mobile data traffic.

3) LinkedIn


While LinkedIn might seem an obvious choice, it deserves some recognition for in-effect changing the way in which businesses can expose themselves to the market, to employees and a whole host of prospects, and vice-versa. This career-focused platform is reliant on the user being endorsed for their skills by their other connections which creates a social community unlike any other. The rationale behind it is similar to that of the six degrees of separation theory which means that the user should be able to find exactly who or what they need simply by scanning through their contacts other connections.

4) Percentage Calculator

The Percentage Calculator is an app that some amongst us might not feel the need to use, but to the rest of us, it is a guaranteed timesaver. True to its name, this app calculates the percentage of both positive and negative numbers in a wide variety of contexts and formulas such as ‘increased by %’ or ‘after % deducted.’ It is fast, discreet, user friendly and gives extra peace of mind.

5) Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is of course well-established as a fantastic piece of software which can be adopted into a wide range of environments, and it’s our assumption that the app version is set to secure its place as a business essential too. This easy to use app comes equipped with a variety of useful functions such as highlighting, underlining, signatures and drawing and makes it easy to import, add or amend text before exporting back out via email, Dropbox or for saving in your Google Drive.

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