Here at Republik Media we consider ourselves industry leaders in all things digital and design. Which is why we feel best placed to provide our 5 predicted web design trends for Q3 & Q4 in 2016.

1) Material Design is considered the natural predecessor to the long reigning Flat Design as it is of sorts a variation on a theme. Material Design stands out as it offers more depth and definition by integrating more colour combinations and animations.

2) Typography is perhaps the smallest and yet most effective feature of a website. Typography has the unique ability to completely transform the entire feel of a web page which also imprinting onto it a personal, artistic touch.


3) If the success of apps and websites like Cameo and Maemo are anything to go by, then 2016 should be a big year for the Hero Image. When it comes to technology, vision is the strongest human sense which means that a dominant and captivating image is a primary approach to grabbing a user’s attention at first glance. In addition, recent developments in bandwidth mean that slow loading times shouldn’t be a problem.

4) The last year has seen the rise and rise of AirBnb not only because it is a pioneering business plan, but also due to its impressive UX. Compared to other holiday rental sites, the AirBnb website is a total revelation not least because of its stress-free, pleasing, looped background animation. A step forward from even the Hero Image, perhaps?


5) While on the theme of animations, the Hover Animation is poised to fast become a mainstream function. User development has led to a habit of hovering the cursor over any part of the site we wish to know about. This is where the Hover Animation comes into practice allowing the user to discover more info whilst remaining on the same page.

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