One of the most easiest and effective ways to generate new ideas is to see what’s trending in the mobile market. When it comes to following trends, the the most popular in the mobile business face massive challenges due to the advances and changes in technology.

By taking a look at these six amazing mobile marketing trends for 2016 below, you can help yourself thoroughly consider your next mobile endeavour.

1) Push notifications

One of the great ways to get information into the hands of your customers is through Push notifications. According to research, 2/3 of people around the globe use a smartphone, and these people check their mobile phones approximately 50 times a day. This is an opportunity to send Push notifications to these people who have chosen to download your app.

2) Data is important to make decisions

Data acquisition has become easier throughout the years, and is now a piece of cake to collect and sort. Our goal is to use this data to make connections with clients. For example, say Mr. Phil visits your store 8 times on his mobile phone every month. Your task is to figure out how his visits could help advance your business. Looking at the data and investing in a team that can interpret numbers will be amazingly effective for your business.


3) Millennial and Generation Z

An app developers job is to make life easier for their customers. This means you have to look in detail at what consumers actually want. To do that, enter Millennial and Generation Z users. These users are the ones that fill up their social media with their thoughts, and you could use this as an opportunity to find out what they are talking about and what they need. Use this to your advantage.

4) SMS Marketing

Sure, social media is one of the biggest ways of advertising your product. However in a day and age where modern digital marketing communications consist of high volumes of noise, more traditional forms of communication can sometimes avoid the noise. This can be achieved through SMS marketing. SMS marketing is a more direct form of communication compared to other alternatives. this form of marketing also has a 95% open rate within the first five minutes of receiving, hence proving to be a vital and trustworthy form of marketing communications for your marketing strategy.


5) Smart Phone App Development

Smartphones are our future, and investing in smartphone app development will definitely yield you profit. In 2015, the android market grew by 65 percent. This is a huge increase in the time span of just a year. Whether you are thinking about putting resources into an application for your business or you are looking past the idea of beginning a white label application organization of your own, you are sure to produce some pay and stay current with the business market trends.

6) Voice Recognition

Something worth paying attention to is the advances of voice recognition software. A huge portion of the industries greatest and brightest are battling with youthful and creative new businesses to see who will make sense of the best and the most effective approach to utilize voice PC interfaces. And now, even most mobile devices are equipped with voice recognition software. Some companies around the world are trying to develop the most responsive voice recognition apps that stay up to date with the trends in the mobile market.

Research is needed if you need to compete in the mobile industry. However, by paying close attention to the mobile trends covered on here, you will set yourself up for a successful adventure.

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