Excusing the blatant #firstworldproblem, we can agree that it’s a sad day when you forget your smartphone. And you’ll be reminded of this every step of the way; from checking you’re on time in the morning to pretending you’ve got loads of mates to text while you stand alone waiting for your pals to meet you after work. Don’t believe us, read on to discover just how much your smartphone helps utilise your day.

06:30 – Alarm goes off. Rise and shine, or more accurately scramble around to retrieve smartphone from beneath pillow, bedside table or floor. With only half an eye open, you briefly scroll through any new messages or updates you may have received since lights out.

07:00 – You’re up and out, accompanied by your Nike app and newest Running playlist for a quick 30 minute run around the park. You’ll need those endorphins for that commute…

08:00 – Speaking of which, back at home you check out Citymapper to find out the best way to get to your first meeting. Having opted for a bacon sandwich for breakfast and told your Fitness Pal about it, you take a sneaky peak at Weather Underground app as you dress to see if it’s a nice day to cycle. The Santander Cycles app lets you know that Boris bikes are available around the corner so with news app Digg loading the headlines in your hand and Spotify playing in your ears, off you set.

9:00 – A touch of genius struck somewhere along your cycling route and for fear of forgetting your train of thought you need to grab a coffee and a seat while you open up Evernote to brainstorm your ideas. According to Twitter the café round the corner is giving away free lattes before 10am so you grab a spot. The combination of caffeine and endorphins kick in and miraculously you remember to set a location-based alert for when you return home later that evening; cancel Amazon Prime.

12:00 – Meeting over, ahead of schedule thanks to a succinct presentation easily shared via Dropbox. You check in with the company’s social media accounts as you head back to the office, updating Instagram, sharing a Snapchat (with some help from VSCO Cam) and liking some interesting statuses on Facebook.

12:45 – Back at the office there’s a tonne of emails that need to be sent. The more urgent ones get sent with a Boomerang so that you’re reminded if the recipient doesn’t reply before the end of the day.

13:30 – Lunch time. According to the group chat on Slack, a group of work colleagues are heading out for a bite to eat in the pub so off you go. Your new, favourite app LifeSynk updates your social media outlet of choice letting it know that you’ve got your hands on a free drink, courtesy of a QRS barcode and a generous, partaking landlord.

14:45 – Back at work you find a spare second to open up What’s App and are met with an abundance of group messages from close friends; smileys, memes, private jokes and general time wasting galore!

15:30 – True to form you hit a mid-afternoon slump and spend a quick minutes on Pocket catching up with the articles you’ve been saving to read in a quiet moment and those recommended to you by the app itself.

16:00 – After ticking off the tasks you’ve completed on Wunderlust and updating it with jobs for the next day, you check over your emails sieving through the important work ones, and less important junk ones.

18:30 – Drink Shop Do says there’s a happy hour round the corner which you’re tempted by, but Yplan is offering tickets to some live comedy a little closer to home. You send a group message on Viber and wait to see what the consensus is, getting a quick game of Slither in while you kill some time.

19:00 – Comedy is the order of the day which necessitates an Uber; arriving late to stand-up is to be avoided at all costs. En-route you have a glance over TablePouncer to see what last minute dinner deals are on offer in the area post-entertainment, ensuring that you switch your phone onto silent as you take your seat in the venue.

23:00 – Apps are closed, alarms are set, Amazon Prime is cancelled and battery is charging.

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