We are all familiar with the old brown box design of Domino’s packaging, but now they have upped the user experience with a more responsive design. Ditching the boring brown box they have completed a radical overhaul bringing in red and blue boxes of the company brand and colours.

The new design boxes are said to work alongside the ever popular ‘two for one’ deals and combo deals which 96% of Domino customers opt for. A design agency worked with Dominos to apply this knowledge as a visual trigger as the red and blue boxes, creating the logo, with the boxes being delivered together, as a pair.

2000px-Dominos_pizza_logo.svgPreviously there was generic information on the boxes but the new boxes, which are 100% recyclable, now show only limited product information on the side of the boxes that highlights the quality of the ingredients of the pizza. The new boxes aren’t as random as they used to be; instead they are focused on the brand and the colours. The new boxes are iconic and will be recognised by the mass market audience worldwide who are familiar with Dominos core colours.

It is thought that the new boxes will lend themselves to sharing on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Those that get the boxes are using them to create a bit of buzz and that is the thing that will remind people that when they are ordering pizza they are ordering Dominos pizza.

Dominos packaging

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