Google will be making the biggest change to their search engine algorithm since their Pigeon update back in December.

What is exactly happening?

From the 21st of April, Google will be, ‘expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal’, affecting all languages worldwide and consequently having a significant impact on the results from our daily searches.

For a while now, Google have been implementing changes into their Page Rank algorithm, revolving around your website and how responsive it appears across a variety of mobile devices.

However, only until now, is this taking into full affect from 21st April, ensuring that sites optimised across mobile devices are ranked slightly higher than their equivalent, that consequently lack a responsive website.

Although having a mobile friendly website is common knowledge to businesses, Google’s algorithm has previously been ambiguous in regards to how its algorithm exactly weighs responsive web design as a contributing factor — until now!

So, what are the benefits?

With over 50% of all searches done on Google through mobile devices, mobile optimisation ranks itself as a high prioritised web design objective, for businesses of all types, ensuring they are able to capitalise on this traffic and maximise the opportunity of converting sales or generating business on their website.

It is now clear, that businesses fully utilising responsive web design, will be clearly profiting from the search engine optimisation (SEO) benefits of Google’s algorithm come the 21st April, earning greater visibility amongst stakeholders and providing a triumphant user experience for new visitors.

What can I do?

As quoted by Google, “users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices”.

Google have made it clearer than ever, with even mobile friendly guides andmobile usability reports.

Test if your website is mobile friendly here and let us know if you need any recommendations, tips or help.

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