In 2015 there were well over a trillion searches on Google and as a search engine with optimum responsiveness as primary focus, Google and their UX designers understand the value of positive customer experiences.

The statistics are staggering, 85 million people searched for Nepal last year, 897 million looked for Paris and the Greek economy had 35 million searches. Google’s web design experts allowed the functionality of quick, accurate search results. Of course, these search terms were trending so it made them easier to locate and they were a global concern.

So, what happens when you carry out a local search on Google?


In the early months of 2016 it appears that Google’s sensitive web design has delivered effective developments in the realm of their local search results in the familiar 3 pack, sometimes called a local pack, which is provided as standard with a local search, now has additional search filters for greater complexity and user experience satisfaction.

This means that if you search for “Agency X” in London, the results will be displayed in the usual web design format but the more stringent search term options of within 5 miles/open now/top rated plus other miscellaneous but pertinent refining terms are shown based on the query, location and the searcher.

The results will either carry a star rating as they do at present or the facility is being rolled out so that a single and apparently randomly picked online review or short quote will be displayed to assist the user with their decision about how good a service provider or product is and whether to use them. This is vital for making informed decisions quickly.

For example, perhaps you need an UX agency in London, that search term delivers 1,510 000 results but at the top of these is the 3 pack so 3 agencies are instantly propelled into your eye line but they may not be in the right boroughs or ratings for you so this is when the additional refining data becomes invaluable. You can focus your UX agency search within 5 miles, ensure that they are open today and how they are rated without restarting your search with multiple search terms.

Another user experience benefit is the provision of the price of fuel added to search results if the search is for a garage or petrol station so that comparisons can be made on the spot, no fuss and no trawling around to find the best price in town.

Of course, with an area as large as London you’d need to refine the search area and so their new 3 pack advances are perfect because this adds to the convenience levels and it is a clever user experience tool for saving time and helping finances.

Ensure that you test the improvements in user experience and web design on Google soon.

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